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We supply the best quality organic fertilizer worldwide


We deliver by car any quantity of organic fertilizer to the countries of Europe.


International delivery worldwide as soon as possible.


By rail to CIS countries.


Deliveries to the USA and Australia by sea of 20 tons.

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Timeliness and highest quality

We supply only organic fertilizers worldwide directly from manufacturers. Our mission is to preserve the planet and demonstrate the efficacy of organic fertilizers in growing natural products.

We supply quality organic fertilizers based on the waste of chicken production: granulated poultry manure compost (NPK 5-4-4).

Our fertilizers are completely harmless to the soil. The main advantage of organic fertilizers is the organic component. The effect is 15-20 times higher than traditional compost or humidity.

fertecom organic fertilizers ensure balanced nutrition of plants, strengthen immune system. fertecom organic fertilizer improves soil structure, water and air. Our organic fertilizers increase yields, improve product quality, resuscitate contaminated soils with heavy metals and radionuclides.

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We are official dealers in organic fertilizer plants. Our organic fertilizers are of the highest quality. All fertilizers are subject to mandatory certification.

1 total humidity < 12,0 %
2 organic substance >75,0 %
3 total nitrogen (N) >4,0 (4,0 – 4,8 %)
4 total phosphorus (P) >3,0 (3,5 – 4,0 %)
5 common potassium (К) >2,5 (2,7 – 4,0 %)
6 pH 6,6 – 7,2%
7 ash >10 %


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Our cargo is insured against accidents.

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We provide reports at all stages of delivery.


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from 1,49$

  • per kg fertilizers

  • insurance cargo

  • from 10 tons per month

  • without tracking cargo

  • support 9-00 to 17-00 (GMT +3)

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from 1,29$

  • per kg fertilizers

  • insurance cargo

  • from 100 tons per month

  • with tracking cargo

  • personal manager

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from 0,99$

  • per kg fertilizers

  • insurance cargo

  • from 300 tons per month

  • with tracking cargo 24/7

  • personal manager 24/7

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What we offer

Supply of organic fertilizers worldwide

We carry out deliveries by rail and road transport to the countries of the European Union. All products are accompanied by the necessary package of customs documents.

Shipping to the Americas is by sea container. Delivery time is 40-45 days. Port of shipment Saint Petersburg.

Shipping to the Asia is by sea container. Delivery time is 60-65 days. Port of shipment Saint Petersburg.

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